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Are you a Fortnite Gamer 🎮 ?do you follow its daily item's shop ? do you like their catchy musics and videos, if so this is the best App for you 🔥🔥

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App Features :

▪Emotes and dances videos.all in one place , with search capability by name or rarity..

▪ You like the emotes ? then set at as ringtone for your device.

▪ Dont miss the daily shop.

▪ Download lobby Music Packs !

▪Do not miss the daily Shop and its Emotes and skins the app will remind you when the shop is updated.

▪ See the new leaked content such as skins,emotes,gliders,pickaxes and backpacks before all others.

▪ Review Your Stats or your friend's Stats.( kills,wins,k/d...etc).

▪ Get Full HD loading screens wallpapers.

▪ Get notified about the latest news about the game.

▪ View all missions and with one-click search the web for a solution.